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Camilla~ she is 8" seated. full body sculpt. acrylic eyes. hand painted wings. pedistal is store bought plaster.

Faeleigh~ approx. 8" seated. full body sculpt. acrylic eyes. wings made from dried ferns and feathers.

Wistful~ approx. 13". acrylic eyes. full body sculpt. hand made wings.

 Katrina~ 12" tall. full body sculpt. polymer clay wings.
Owned by "Buff" Patricia~

Snowflake~ this faery welcomes the winter in.7" seated. made to sit on a shelf.

Solita~ She is a bit defiant, not always minding her elders. Hand painted wings. Beaded head dress. Full body sculpt. 7" seated. Brown acrylic eyes.

Silva~ She's a bit Irish, a little punk and almost alien! The base has a eggshell mosaic surface. Dressed all in silver with copper accents. Her skirt has hand beading. Full body sculpt. 6" seated. Green glass eyes.

 ~Safi Means genuine, honest and pure. She is 9" seated, full body sculpt. Bright blue acrylic eyes. Dressed in white chiffon with lace bodice. She sits on a painted wood base.