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How I do it ~  
Here I would like to attempt to describe and show some of the techniques I use and have learned along the way.
Susie ~

My method of attaching hair ~

This is the doll bust I made for this project ~

All I use is braided mohair and glue.

You need a bald head ~

Separate the hair. Notice how it is twisted.

Apply a line of glue along hair line ~

Keep adding hair til you almost reach the crown ~

Apply smaller strands for bangs or tendrils ~

When bangs are dry you can apply the top hair. Glue it along the bangs line hanging in her face ~

Before the glue completely dries, fold the hair back, pressing along hair line until it dries completely ~

Finally fill in the remaining bald spot with just a few single strands. Press the top hair back down over the fresh glue, That's it!

 Thanks for looking ~ Susie